A few things come to mind when watching the highly anticipated rematch of McGregor vs Diaz. First, is my overwhelming desire for McGregor to get the victory he so eagerly desires. His passion, drive, ambition, call it whatever you will but it is infectious amongst people who dare to dream. I argue that if you find McGregor arrogant, or cocky, that you are probably a person content with life just as it is. Nobody climbs the ladder of success without annoying someone along the way, and more often than not it boils down to jealousy. They threaten your model of the world, in a way that takes away your excuses for not trying something.

I wanted him to win, I knew he had learned his lesson, and despite the close victory, I felt confident all along. Take away from this if you will, his endurance through the fight, his awareness to move away to catch his breath and fight with not just his heart, but his head too. He has a willingness to adopt various training methods, which to me shows an appreciation for a multitude of different styles and techniques, proved by his work with the brilliant Ido Portal.

Think if you will to your training. McGregor’s whole mindset is based on visualising a victory, positive thoughts only, nothing negative. No ‘what ifs’ are aloud into his thinking and this is a style I encourage you to adopt. The importance of goal setting is not simply to have something to aim for, but to visualise in your mind how good you will feel when you reach that goal. The only way you can reach that goal is through hard work, believing in yourself and dedication to see something through till the end. As McGregor says. we didn’t come here to participate, we can here to take over.