The Olympics is over again for another four years and we as a nation can hold our heads extremely high and feel very proud. Usain Bolt grabbed most of the headlines and rightly so with his treble treble of gold medals. Everyone performed fantastically, but special praise is reserved in this post for our 3 stand out performers.

1: Jade Jones. The Welsh beauty has done unbelievably well, winning gold for Britain in the women’s Taekwondo in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. With all the gold medals flying round you may not think that too impressive but take into consideration she is still only 23.

2: Jessica Ennis-Hill. A lot of expectation was put on Jessica to win the gold, and the media was very subdued after her result. A silver medal is still an outstanding achievement and I argue that a bit more fuss should have been made over her performance.

3. Sam Quek. What a fantastic gold for Quek and the women’s hockey team. Sam is the sister of a friend who lives in right here in Liverpool, and I bring this up to illustrate that success is not reserved for the lucky few, but for the few who are willing to reach for it. Someone with the guts to aim for more than just the status quo can  often live right around the corner from you, so those of you who have excuses on why you can’t reach for success, you better find a better excuse or simply take action.